How Our Subscription Boxes Work

Elia Boutique Monthly Box: Upgrade Your Self-Care Regime

Welcome to Elia Boutique’s Monthly Box—a delightful, stylish way to enhance your self-care routine every month! Each box is curated with elegance and personalisation in mind, ensuring you receive something unique and exquisite that resonates with your personal taste. Plus, there’s more to our boxes than just style; you can look forward to treats, rewards, and even a chance to win a £200 cash giveaway every month!

How It Works

Joining the Elia Boutique Monthly Box experience is easy and exciting. Here’s how you can start enjoying our specially curated boxes:

1. Pick Your Preferences Start by selecting your preferences. Choose your favorite color, your size, and your preferred type of bottoms. This helps us personalise each box to fit your unique style and comfort.

2. Wait for Your First Box Once your preferences are set, sit back and wait for your first box to arrive. We aim to dispatch your first box as quickly as possible. After the initial shipment, your subsequent boxes will be sent within 7 days of your subscription charge - e.g if you ordered on the 1st, we will send each monthly box between the 2nd and 8th. If you ever need to update your size or preferences, just let us know before the next shipment, and we'll ensure your next box is adjusted accordingly.

3. Special Surprises As a token of appreciation for your continued subscription, your third box will come with some extra surprises! These special additions are our way of saying thank you and to add a little extra excitement to your Elia Boutique experience.

Additional Information

  • Shipping Details: All subscription boxes are dispatched from our headquarters in Manchester, UK. For UK subscribers, expect your box within 1-2 working days. For US and EU subscribers, please allow 2-9 working days for delivery. Boxes are shipped via Royal Mail in the UK and USPS in the U.S.

  • Flexible Subscription: No long-term commitments required. You can update your subscription preferences or cancel at any time (if you've ordered your first box during a promotion, you can cancel after your second box).

  • Support: Our dedicated customer service team is here to assist you with any questions or updates regarding your subscription.

Subscribe to Elia Boutique’s Monthly Box today and start receiving your personally curated box of elegance and style right to your doorstep! Whether for yourself or as a gift, our subscription box is the perfect way to add a touch of luxury and excitement to your monthly routine.